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Welcome scholars, to Sahitya Classes. You are the power brigades of an upcoming assessment and we will nourish your potentiality in a perfect way keeping your problematic situation in concern. Sahitya Classes is that springboard run by the most prestigious and outstanding luminary in the field of English Literature Vineet Pandey. “Without perseverance, talent is a barren bed” and this is a perfect elucidation of the renowned teacher and mentor, Mr. Vineet Pandey, who diligently rose from the shackles of impoverishment and scaled insurmountable heights of English literature. Vineet Pandey is that trailblazer/pioneer who licenced and certified himself in the field of literature as 17 times SET, 8 times NET and 2 times JRF.

Sahitya Classes not only run by such a persona but also is the top leading institute for UGC NET/JRF course in English Literature. Sahitya Classes is mainly famous for its outstanding balance conveyed among students. It keeps a strong concern of each student's guidance and concern. Apart Sahitya Classes also delivers neatly printed notes in the form of hard copies as guided by Vineet Pandey, test series, weekly test and current affairs. On the other side Sahitya Classes also delivers open interview training classes and Career counselling sessions as required. It also take a deep note of each student's quality and improves it accordingly under the personal guidance of Vineet Pandey. Our institution has its head office in Delhi. In such a sphere Sahitya Classes successfully ranked first and rated the most vibrant and outstanding institute by the scholar's upshot. Sahitya Classes Group is an extended reflection of his hardwork and dedication that he pursued during his tryst with NET/JRF. Through these classes, he prepares a stage where students not only get exposed to his organized knowledge but also to a variety of enlightened literary minds who hail from other reputed institutions/colleges of the country.

Our aim throughout Sahitya Classes is to ensure quality coaching for students with regular updates on the changing perspective of NET/SET examinations, irrespective of your educational background.

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A major drawback in the field of coaching is that people who provide coaching classes are neither qualified in NET themselves nor do they have the appropriate training to coach others. Sahitya Classes provides full-fledged classes under the supervision of NET/SET qualified lecturers, who have clarity regarding the Syllabus.

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Under Guidance of VINEET PANDEY


It has been years of hard work and dedication combined with passion and intention that culminated in the birth of sahitya classes, i can proudly say that everything that made me, my successes, my failures and my evolution as a human being is apparently reflected in my classes. When i was preparing for this exam, i never had a proper mentor to guide me through this journey. I had to follow lots of trial and error measures to ensure my success. This was a big realisation and this prompted me to guide and enlighten students as i understood the difficulty in mapping an unchartered terrain without a map. The strategy that i used while preparing NET/JRF examination has been applied to the classes i offer in online and regular batches, these are sure shot methods to ensure success. I wish that this endeavour brings you all the desired success, knowledge and confidence.

Vineet Prabhat Pandey - 8 NET, 2 JRF, 17 SET

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